Why E-design

E-Design becomes more and more popular these days.

With so many online shopping websites, why not create your design online? Imagine how easy would be to hire an online designer to virtually design your space based on your likes and then shop online for your very own personalized design. Your home will look professionally decorated and you get to learn design techniques and potentially tap into your natural talent for interior projects.


Is this service right for you?

This service is for you if don’t need a full service designer to hold your hand and you can do most of the legwork.

How it works

It’s less top-down and more like a partnership. You provide all the key dimensions, snapshots or a virtual tour, examples of what you like, a wish list and a budget. You could do anything from rearranging the furniture and changing up the colour scheme to changing the layout of a room. Within a set time you receive a floor plan and proposals with few revisions. Once is all set and done, it’s up to you to manage the project. That’s why it is cost effective.
If you don’t like gathering materials and dealing with contractors you might want more than online interior design service.


What it costs

You can pay a flat fee when you choose one of our e-design options or you can pay by the hour for if you go custom. There are few packages to pick from, from a room design or even a console table decor to an entire floor or home design.

Traditional interior design is more expensive because it’s a job for the designer to drive to your home, asses the space, measure and remeasure, return with samples, draw up and execute a plan. I do offer local interior design services within Calgary area if e-design is not for you.

Please take a look at my e-design packages. If you don’t  find what you are looking for I am more than happy to customize based on your requirements.