About us

Welcome to E-Design Company. 


E-Design Company was created as an alternative option to traditional interior design services and we want to make it easier for you to create an interior that reflects who you are and how you live without making time-consuming and unnecessary mistakes. 


At E-Design Company, we are convinced that Interior design and home decorating process doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Our super easy consulting packages and interior design advice were created to ease your creativity and walk you through the design process. 

If you just want designer advice and you don’t mind doing a bit of legwork, if you like DIY projects and you need some directions please take a look at our packages.


We want everyone to join a democratic design process. 

We want to give you access to the resources designers have and enjoy decorating your home the way you want it. 

We want to hear from you. 

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to leave your questions below.


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